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Wish I Had A Pistol

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What the fuck? Craigslist blah blah


I am selling my 250GB XBOX 360 with 5 games, 1 wired controller, 1 wireless controller, 1 wired headset and 3 cables: power cord, HDMI cord, and Standard TV cord. The games I am including with this package are: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Dante’s Inferno, Halo 3, and Red Dead Redemption. I am interested in trading it more than selling it but I would take the right offer of cash. I am interested in pretty much everything to take in on trade. Hinting items Pistols Electronics Things with a motor like I said pretty much anything. I can add cash to the right trade as well. Just give me a shout


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Occupy Beerfest

Occupy Beerfest!

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Occupy Beerfest

Totally need some tickets...

So, in honor of all the Occupy Whatever Street protesters out there, I would like to get a movement together of my own!


Really, I don’t want to Occupy, so much as attend the beer festival. The problem is, no one has given me any tickets yet. So I am formally requesting some tickets for this event, so that I can occupy it. I mean come on, I deserve it! The one percent of US citizens that attend the function are unfairly enjoying all of that beer without me, and DAMN IT I WANT IN! (actual attendance of the festival – 49,000 people, so TECHNICALLY it’s only .000159% , Fucking elitists!)

I guess I could save my money and buy a ticket, but bitching about someone having something I don’t is the American Way!

Get on my level! Or don’t…that’s cool too.


My fridge does NOT look like this:

Admittedly, I have never had my refrigerator completely full of beer. I do have a bar that’s fairly well stocked. There’s a humidor in it. And glowsticks.

Once you move beyond college though, it becomes increasingly difficult to pull off the fridge full of beer. Not because you “can’t”, but because it’s impractical. Even for parties. Not only does beer fit very well in a cooler (or a cheap bucket full of ice), but then your party is portable.

So, what level are you on?

Shark Week Drinking Game

Shark Week Drinking Game

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If you’ve ever listened to The Pub Show, you know that The Dude HATES sharks. In honor of Shark Week, and The Dude’s ongoing battle against The Great White (or Carcharodon carcharias for our geek fans), The Pub Show presents the Shark Week Drinking Game (an image we found on the internet):

Shark Week Drinking Game

15 Years Ago Versus Today


Remember sitting in your bedroom listening to your stereo? Your music collection was comprised of hundreds of cassettes and CD’s. Maybe you remember the trips to the video store to rent a movie that you had to watch with the rest of your friends or family. Remember that day when the mailman left you a nudie magazine that was addressed to the guy down the street? Those were the days!

Oh the memories...

Bloody Beer!

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I had this four pepper (as in hot as shit pepper) beer from The Great Dane Brewing Company in Madison, WI… it was awesome, but blazing hot.  Not being one to leave a beer undrunk, I had to improvise!  I added a jigger of bloody mary mix.

Result: instant victory

Now…I didn’t invent the bloody beer…but I’m certain this is the best one you will have.

Go to the Dane and find out!