Ring Ring… Your Swag Delivery is here!

Ring Ring… Your Swag Delivery is here!

I got some fresh swag delivered to my house.  We hoped to have it for the latest Oktoberfest we went to, but I am cheap and didn’t want to pay for expedited shipping.  Take a look at what we’ll be giving away at upcoming events we’ll be at.

In-Flight Refueling

The Dude contacts a local Pizza place to see if they will deliver a pizza to him “The Hangover” style – while traveling down the highway at 70 miles per hour.

Kanye West disses Ellis Lankster

Kanye West disses Ellis Lankster! What does Ellis Lankster have to do with a Beyonce music video? Absolutely nothing…but Kanye West is a jerk!

The Keg

Mr. Super Fantastic (The PubCrew member formerly known as “The Dude”) has a party over the weekend and wakes up to a headache, a trashed house, and an unfinished keg of beer. Everyone knows it’s bad form to return a beer keg to the party store when...