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PubCast #301 – That’s How We Brew, Gearhead Brewing Company

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PubCast #301  

PubCast 301

So, you live near Lansing, Michigan. You’re a home brewer, and you’d like to scoop up a fresh batch of grains, hops and yeast to brew up a tasty beer of your own design. Where do you go to get your brewing supplies?


The Michigan Brewing Company closed it’s doors this spring, and with it, their homebrew supply shop “Things Beer”. The Red Salamander, is  “all the way” over in Grand Ledge – truthfully, it’s not that far, and it’s a great place for homebrew supplies, but everyone likes convenience, right?


It would be great if there were a home brew supply store right here in Lansing….


Enter “That’s How We Brew“, a full-service home brew supply shop located on the border of Lansing and East Lansing, right across from Jet’s Pizza by the Frandor Shopping Center.


That’s How We Brew held an Open House on August 26th to introduce itself to Lansing, so TripleNad and I paid them a visit, and had a chance to interview Owner/Manager Patrick Brazil  to see what this new homebrew supply store has to offer.


We found a great selection of hops, grains, yeast and other brewing essentials so you can make your own concoction, as well as all-in-one homebrew kits so you can just grab one, and go! With a malt grinder on-site, and all the bottling and kegging supplies on-hand (or available for order) you can brew just about any beer you can think of. That’s How We Brew is sure to have you covered the next time you’re feeling like firing up the burner on your brewing rig.



Also present at the open house was an up-and-coming brewery, Gearhead Brewing Company based in Haslett. The Gearhead staff had samples of, their “Flathead” Creme Ale and “Hopped Rod” Double-IPA,  among others.


These guys have some great beer. If you want a chance to try some, they’re getting feedback about their recipies in a very unique way: A five-division Road Rally.  Each stage of the rally pits three beers against each other in a specific class (Amber Division, IPA Division), and randomly selected “testers” are delivered a Six-Banger of Gearhead Hop Pops, along with a unique code, so they can vote on the Gearhead Brewing website for their favorite brew.


Want to throw your name in the hat for the next Gearhead Brewing Road Rally? Sign up here.


We were able to capture an interview from Gearhead as well. We heard about their humble beginnings, as well as plans to ramp up production for world domination regional distribution.


Check out both interviews, in an unconventional PubCast where we get a little serious, and only make one crude joke (…maybe two).


Hippo Eats Dwarf

PubCast – #203

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Hippo Eats Dwarf

The PubCrew congregate at Mr. Dude’s new pad to record an hour of comedy genius. DC suggests an experiment where someone takes both Ex-lax and Imodium A-D at the same time to see which product would win, Mr. Dude fake-interviews The President, and Abe Froman weighs in on a news story about a dwarf circus performer who was allegedly swallowed by a yawning hippo.

As the night wore on, The PubCrew discuss an Antler Basket in Mr. Dude’s new house and DC questions his home theatre setup in a new segment called “Rip on Mr. Dude”.

PubCast – #203

As promised, here is the video about the swearing newscaster that DC was talking about during the news segment.

PubCast – #202

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Season 2 of The Pub Show is now fully under way and Episode 2 is gonna blow your mind! DC and Mr. Super Fantastic met up with Abe Froman down at the St. Joe Boathouse in St. Joseph, Michigan for an afternoon of friendly conversation, cold beverages and blown out plaid shorts with two of Abe’s friends who we affectionately refer to as: “C&C Boathouse Factory”. After a few 6-7 rounds of O-Bombs and various other tasty beverages out on the patio with our friends (and some new PubFans), we made our way back to studio to record Episode 2.

PubCast – #202

What do you think of the P-Mate Female Disposable Urine Director we talked about in the news section? Give us some feedback!

PubCast – #201

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This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Season 2 of The Pub Show has arrived and I hope you came prepared. The Pub Show is on it’s way to being refered to as “The Champagne of Podcasts”, so we crammed everything you can think of into this one to kick off the second season. Pay special attention to our new sponsor, Bowlgers – The Makers of Fine Coffee Enemas, as well as some old favorites from the first season. Grab a cold beverage, kick back and revel in the gloriousness that is The Pub Show.

PubCast – #201

PubCast – Season 2 Promo!

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Season 2 of The Pub Show is on the way! Look for it in the next few weeks…

Listen To The Pub Show!

Listen to The Pub Show
Or you’ll prob’ly die…
You should love us and want us and never
Say goodbye

‘Till you can’t sleep at night
Without holdin’ us tight
Drink till you puke
Or just break down and cry

Laughin’ so hard
Cuz someone said balls
Spin-n-n-n around, and around…

Although you’ve come
to The Pu-ub Show
Just want you to know
We’re unnatural
and we drink too much
and you should too.


PubCast – #112 – American Legion Riders Remote

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The PubCrew was on the road again this month for another remote version of our kick-ass PubCast. Our friends Quitin Time asked us to come out to the American Legion Post in Charlotte to help keep the crowd entertained, and boy did we…

American Legion Riders Remote

Tons of people showed up, most of them wearing some great Halloween costumes. We all ended up having a great time and want to thank The American Legion Riders and everyone else for having us.

PubCast – #111 – MBC Remote

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What a great night! We want to thank Lisa and everyone else from The Michigan Brewing Company for having us out for their patron and investor appreciation party on October 4th. Some technical problems delayed the show, but eventually we got things going and the PubCrew put on their first live performance!

PubCast – Special MBC Remote October 2008

Abe Foman debuted his “Sausage King” song, The Dude made random drunken comments, and DC got all philosophical about mattress stores and people not saying “goodbye” when they hang up the phone in movies.

TPS Sweatshirt Winner!

Honorary PubCrew member, Spencer, helped us draw names for our raffle where we gave away Pub Show hoodies. Thanks Spencer!

PubCast – #110

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It’s the 10th Anniversary of our 1st show! Wooo-Woooo! To celebrate this milestone, Abe Froman traveled to The Pub Show studio to sit in with the rest of The PubCrew, live and in person!

Luckily, DC, Abe Froman and newcomer J-Dog, DC’s childhood videogame companion, were able to bring you yet another piece of polished audio for you to enjoy! Don’t forget to order your Turbo Nipple Twister 5000 before they get recalled again.

This week, you’ll hear of the amazing toilet seat selection we have in America as well as The PubCrew’s inside look at the great sacrifices necessary to raise huge ass pumpkins. Don’t forget to make your contribution to The PubFund so we can send The PubCrew to Octoberfest in Munich, instead of Lansing! Also, PubFans Dirty Talker and Funky Walker make their PubCrew debut! Take a listen and tell a friend.