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I am a blog noob…(also NETFLIX)



Holy hell I think I got this  working!  

So as a part timer to The Pub Show, you probably don’t know me.  Good! I am a prick and you probably shouldn’t waste your time.  

I was surfing the interwebs for hops plants to grow in the back yard, when I came across a story that told me my beloved NETFLIX was splitting streaming and DVD rental into two services?  With two charges…


I guess you had to assume it was gonna happen, but still, I will be canceling the DVD side.  And you know what, Netflix? You ain’t getting your disc three of the HBO series the Pacific back!

Now back to the hop hunt!

The Pub Show v.3.4.6.niner

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Well, we’ve been away for a little while, but The Pub Show is back, and better than ever! Thanks to the inspiration provided by beer and grilled meat products, The PubCrew will continue to entertain you for years to come!

Stay connected to see what’s in store. I’m sure we have a Facebook page, and a Twitter account somewhere. I like to talk, so shoot me an e-mail if you have any suggestions, ideas, or if you just want to chat.


PubCast – Season 2 Promo!

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Season 2 of The Pub Show is on the way! Look for it in the next few weeks…

Listen To The Pub Show!

Listen to The Pub Show
Or you’ll prob’ly die…
You should love us and want us and never
Say goodbye

‘Till you can’t sleep at night
Without holdin’ us tight
Drink till you puke
Or just break down and cry

Laughin’ so hard
Cuz someone said balls
Spin-n-n-n around, and around…

Although you’ve come
to The Pu-ub Show
Just want you to know
We’re unnatural
and we drink too much
and you should too.