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We spoke, the fans listened. We’re going to Oktoberfest!!

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So I am sure everyone has heard the advertisment that we have on a couple of the podcasts looking to send the PubCrew to Oktoberfest:

Well, I’d like to extend my gratitude to Groupon for providing us the opportunity to attend Old Town Oktoberfest, right here in Lansing, Michigan!  With the purchase of one of their local deals (which is expired now), we are able to attend this event at a crazy 50% off savings!!


Ok, ok, so maybe it’s not the one in Germany.  That’s probably because we’ve got some cheap ass listeners, myself included, that would rather spend their hard earned cash on beer for themselves and not sending well deserving individuals (cough… PubCrew… cough…) over seas to embark on what could be the greatest journey of their lives.  We’ve always got next year for the fans to donate to.  🙂


In all seriousness, we love our fans and their cheap pocketbooks.  Without you guys, we would only be able to talk about the stuff we do now in offline format.  Cheers to you and to your ability to stomach this sweet Bourbon Treat we like to call ThePubShow.  Enjoy!


We’re mobile (wheels are on)!

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Now it was time to take it down and make it mobile. We wanted the top to be approxamately 24″ off the ground, and we were sitting on 19″ already. Enter 6″ caster wheels. Two of the casters have breaks on them so you don’t end up with a 210,000 BTU bomb rolling down the driveway with 15-20 gallons of scalding hot water on top. Probably best not to brew on a hill anyways, but just in case. 🙂



My other two burners will be here on September 4th, so I am hoping to get them all mounted into the stand that week. From there, we will figure out some sort of a wind shield for each of the burners.


Gearhead Brewing: What ThePubShow will be in 15 years!


So DC and I were able to successfully mingle amongst the crowd at the grand opening of That’s How We Brew in Lansing on the 26th.  There were a few tables setup with different promotions going on at each, but one my favorites was the Gearhead table.



Gearhead had 5 different kinds of brews out there for folks to sample (there was also some private stock that was sampled by DC and myself, which I have to say was darn good!).  Todd, Steve, and Mike were all great guys and we had even told them (without revealing the age of TPS crew or Gearhead, that would be downright rude) that we looked at them as us in 10-15 years.


When asked about their brewery, they don’t have a store front just yet and are in fully blown (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?  “Gearheads” will get it) promotion mode right now.  Once all the stars align just right, they’d like to be able to compete in the Midwest region.  Keep your eye out for this new up and comer.


Check out their Facebook page or their webpage itself.  They have what they call a Road Rally going on where you sign up, and they will pick a bunch of people at random and deliver the beer to them and these people will help pick the winners.  Cool idea! 

That’s How We Brew!

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DC and I will be heading to a new home brew shop called That’s How We Brew on Sunday the 26th.  With the fall of Michigan Brewing Company and ThingsBeer with it, it has given other folks the opportunity to hop on the mash wagon (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!?).  This new shop opened up on July 26th, but are having a Grand Opening on August 26th.  Join us for free beer samples from THWB and up and coming brewers from Haslett, MI: Gearhead Brewery!


Time is from 12-4.  See the attached flyer for details




Paint is on!

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Well because this is bare metal, we needed to get some paint on it, and quick. This summer was a pretty dry one, so there wasn’t too much humidity in the air. I think Mother Nature knew that we were working on this because it had rained for like 2 days straight after I got it back in my garage. From here, we went to the local home improvment store and picked up some 1200º rated black paint. After about 2 hours, It nows looks like this:



Building a Brew Stand…. so it starts!

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This category is dedicated to all the folks who want to build their own brew stand. Well we at ThePubShow are working on it, so this is yet another page you’ll want to follow. Updates, pictures, descriptions, random phallus’, etc will be posted here, so keep checking for more updates (or how about just sign up for the RSS feed so you know when there is a change?).


Define build plans:

I did a bit of searching on the internet until I found a series of plans I was satisfied with. I came across a series of plans from a guy at WestPoint. He used 1.5″ square tubing in his, and since I wasn’t going to be boiling a swimming pool, I felt that 1″ would work just fine.


So I went to the local steel shop in town and picked up 40′ of 1″ square tubing. Several cuts and welds later, I came up with this: