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The REAL reason Jesse Pinkman says “Bitch”

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In Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul’s character Jesse Pinkman says “bitch” constantly. Have you ever wondered why?


It turns out, before he became famous for his incredible acting (and calling people bitch), Aaron Paul appeared on The Price Is Right. This was back when Bob Barker hosted the show, and Drew Carey was just getting started with “The Drew Carey Show”. Well, Aaron Paul made it all the way to the coveted “Showcase Showdown”, but he missed winning his $26,000 showcase by $132. He has never been able to live down the humiliation, and has been calling people a “Bitch” ever since… Superbowl Commercial – A Venn Diagram

- No Comments -‘s 2013 Superbowl commercial, featuring model Bar Refaeli making out with a geek,  is drawing lots of criticism…from everyone except the people the ad is targeted toward. To help illustrate this, I’ve created a venn diagram:


This is very similar to the YouTube video where a former MTV fan “asks a network head” why MTV plays shallow reality tv shows instead of music videos now. “Not our f*@#ing demo anymore!”: 

We spoke, the fans listened. We’re going to Oktoberfest!!

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So I am sure everyone has heard the advertisment that we have on a couple of the podcasts looking to send the PubCrew to Oktoberfest:

Well, I’d like to extend my gratitude to Groupon for providing us the opportunity to attend Old Town Oktoberfest, right here in Lansing, Michigan!  With the purchase of one of their local deals (which is expired now), we are able to attend this event at a crazy 50% off savings!!


Ok, ok, so maybe it’s not the one in Germany.  That’s probably because we’ve got some cheap ass listeners, myself included, that would rather spend their hard earned cash on beer for themselves and not sending well deserving individuals (cough… PubCrew… cough…) over seas to embark on what could be the greatest journey of their lives.  We’ve always got next year for the fans to donate to.  🙂


In all seriousness, we love our fans and their cheap pocketbooks.  Without you guys, we would only be able to talk about the stuff we do now in offline format.  Cheers to you and to your ability to stomach this sweet Bourbon Treat we like to call ThePubShow.  Enjoy!


The Pub Show supports higher education and equality

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Every once in awhile you are presented with an opportunity to set someone straight regarding their grammar or spelling. Even more rare is that golden opportunity to correct someone who thought they were correcting someone else, but was also wrong.

Then, there are moments like this, where PubCrew news correspondent Peter Johnson was able to put this man back on the correct path for both his grammar, and social views:

Sorry Bro.

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Well DC had mentioned that after the latest PubCast, we would get back to being immature. I didn’t feel like waiting so I put together a few pics for your enjoyment. Mostly dealing with overcompensation, others I feel truly sorry for.