So turning an old refrigerator into a kegerator sounds like a bit of a challenge? Rest assured, we here at ThePubShow have never been one to turn down a challenge. So I introduce to you ThePubFridge build-off!


JJ Dynomite and I had a gentleman’s agreement that we both needed to complete our alcohol dispensing apparatuses by May 1st.  I’ll post pictures of my build, and expect that JJ will do the same with his.  The biggest differences between his and mine are I used a traditional refridgerator while he is using a chest freezer.

I did not follow any “how-to” instructions while doing this.  Just read a little online on what to expect, put a drill to my fridge door and kept the mentality of “Hope for the best and expect the worst.”  I will provide the equipment I used and how I used it in hopes that I can inspire others to drill holes in their refrigerator doors too!  (While making a kegerator is not entirely required if you start drilling holes, it is recommended).