It’s the 10th Anniversary of our 1st show! Wooo-Woooo! To celebrate this milestone, Abe Froman traveled to The Pub Show studio to sit in with the rest of The PubCrew, live and in person!

Luckily, DC, Abe Froman and newcomer J-Dog, DC’s childhood videogame companion, were able to bring you yet another piece of polished audio for you to enjoy! Don’t forget to order your Turbo Nipple Twister 5000 before they get recalled again.

This week, you’ll hear of the amazing toilet seat selection we have in America as well as The PubCrew’s inside look at the great sacrifices necessary to raise huge ass pumpkins. Don’t forget to make your contribution to The PubFund so we can send The PubCrew to Octoberfest in Munich, instead of Lansing! Also, PubFans Dirty Talker and Funky Walker make their PubCrew debut! Take a listen and tell a friend.