Abe Froman kicks off the craziest show yet with a blistering guitar solo and a brand new logo! Thanks Abe! A commercial from new sponsor TripleNad’s Cougar Emporium makes it’s debut as well as a new segment called PubNews

You’ll get to hear excerpts from DC and The Dude’s trip to Abe Froman’s party during the Venetian Festival where The Dude puts his exceptional interviewing skills to work and finds out that Canada is “pretty much the same” as America.

PubCast – #109

Also, meet some of the newer PubCrew members, TripleNad and JJ Dynomite. Don’t forget to listen for the super secret hidden segment (which is not really hidden and obviously not a secret) where the PubCrew compare and contrast good old Whistle Tips, and the links below.




Pub Show Exclusive:

Download Bubb Rubb ringtones from The Pub Show! Perfect for text messages or voicemail alerts!

“The whistles go WOOOO!”
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“It’s that Woo-Woooo!”
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“…you want a Woo-Woo!”
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“That’s like a alarm clock: Woo-Woo!”
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Bubb Rubb and Lil’ Sis – Woo-Woo
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