So I recently met with DC over a few slices of a Hot and Ready, a couple of beers, a couple of hot dogs, a couple of burgers, and a few more beers and we talked about ramping this site and the podcasts up again.  Everyday life has consumed most of everyone’s free time, so we thought, “Dammit, it’s time to take some of that famed time back.”


With the Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival right around the corner (July 27th and 28th, Riverside Park, Ypsilanti), how better to cool off from this balls hot weather we’ve been having.  Unfortunately, I won’t be attending it this year, as I have in years past.  If you are attending, feel free to send us any pictures, stories, beer samples, lost panties, etc, and if it’s good material, it may make it on the PubShow page!


Something I have always done in the past at these festivals is represent the infamous pretzel necklace.  “What is a pretzel necklace?” you ask yourself.  Well what do you think it is?  It’s a necklace made of pretzels.  The best part about these necklaces is all the attention you’ll receive.  On the other hand, the worst part about these necklaces is all the attention you’ll receive.  If you’ve ever been to any outdoor event where beer is served, you should know what I mean.


They really are a great idea.  Not only are they a great palet cleanser between each beer you’re sampling, you will also put any reputable rapper to shame with your homemade bling.  You think Lil Wayne had to spend a bunch of money on new teeth because he tried taking a bite of a Rold Gold?  My guess is no.


With that said, there are several variations of the pretzel necklace.  I personally go with the Rold Gold Tiny Twists. Take a piece of twine, cut it to desired length, and feed the twine through these tiny twists.  Once you’ve got about 90 of those little bastards on there, tie the twine ends together, hense forming a necklace.  Repeat this process with as many pieces of twine you have, or as many pretzels as you have (usually pretzels run out first because twine comes in a spool that is 37 miles long and you only have to buy it once in your life).


The necklaces you’re not wearing, you’ll want to keep those in a ZipLock bag.  Michigan summers are usually a humid bitch, and these necklaces will start to get stale because of this.  Also, be sure to wear a shirt with a collar, or the twine will make your neck look like you’ve just left a S&M party (maybe this is the look you’re going for?).


You of course could go for quality and not quantity.  Stop by Sams Club and pick up a box of the Soft Pretzels and string those up.  You won’t be able to get as many on the necklace, and you’ll need a bigger ZipLock bag for the backup necklaces, but damn you’ll be the coolest guy “under the tent”.


I hope you’re subscribed to the RSS feed and see this post right away.  Right after you think to yourself, “Oh yeah,!”, I can only hope you’ll stay tuned for future podcasts, updates, photos, etc. etc.  I would like to think of myself as an intermediate home brewer, so there could be potential live “brew sessions”.  Either way, don’t let us fall off your radar again!


Ok, Lizard Lick Towing is on.  I gotta go.