So DC and I were able to successfully mingle amongst the crowd at the grand opening of That’s How We Brew in Lansing on the 26th.  There were a few tables setup with different promotions going on at each, but one my favorites was the Gearhead table.



Gearhead had 5 different kinds of brews out there for folks to sample (there was also some private stock that was sampled by DC and myself, which I have to say was darn good!).  Todd, Steve, and Mike were all great guys and we had even told them (without revealing the age of TPS crew or Gearhead, that would be downright rude) that we looked at them as us in 10-15 years.


When asked about their brewery, they don’t have a store front just yet and are in fully blown (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?  “Gearheads” will get it) promotion mode right now.  Once all the stars align just right, they’d like to be able to compete in the Midwest region.  Keep your eye out for this new up and comer.


Check out their Facebook page or their webpage itself.  They have what they call a Road Rally going on where you sign up, and they will pick a bunch of people at random and deliver the beer to them and these people will help pick the winners.  Cool idea!